More than a Player…

As a fan, how do you say goodbye?  One could argue that Colts fans should be well versed in doing this; we first said goodbye to Marvin Harrison, then Peyton Manning.  We should be good at this by now, but the announcement this week that the Colts would not be resigning Reggie Wayne seems to be a different kind of parting.  Reggie, like Marvin and Peyton, was more than just a player, he was, and always will be a Colt.  Marvin was easier…he never had that connection to the fans that Reggie had, saying goodbye to Peyton was really hard, but everyone in Colts Nation knew that the time had come to pass the gauntlet to another great franchise quarterback in Andrew Luck and we all knew that it was in Peyton’s best interest to not play behind this offensive line.  Reggie is just…different, though.  In the end, I think that it’s just for the best to let the memories say goodbye to one of the greatest men to ever play professional sports in the great state of Indiana.

Reggie comes to camp:





And, of course, we can’t forget his fantastic game winning catches:

2009 vs. New England Patriots:

2011 vs. Houston Texans:

2012 vs. Green Bay Packers…this wasn’t a game winner, but it was such an awesome catch in a day where Reggie put up the best game of his career in his Chuck Pagano tribute game:

We may see #87 in a different uniform next year, but he will always be a Colt.

Goodbye, Reggie.

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