Trent Richardson’s Suspension Voids Guaranteed Money…

News out today states that Trent Richardson’s two game suspension voids the roughly $3.8 mil in guaranteed money the Colts owe him for next year.  The suspension was, according to Ryan Grigson, for personal reasons and Trent hasn’t been talking, so we don’t know the exact reason why this suspension was handed out.  Something about this bugs me, I can’t help but feel that this was a calculated move by Grigson to try and salvage whatever he can out of this disastrous trade.  I’ve always felt that the Colts organization has been, more or less, fair and ethical in the treatment of their players, and please, I really don’t want this to turn into a debate about Peyton’s exit from Indy; frankly, seeing the offensive line play Luck has had to deal with for the vast majority of his three years under center for Indy I think we did Peyton a favor by releasing him.  Nonetheless, this raises a big red flag for me.  I mean, Trent has never had issues on or off the field during his time with the Colts, other than his production, and he seems like he’s been trying to do everything the organization has asked of him, the results haven’t been good, but I have no doubt he’s been trying.  Regardless, I don’t see the NFLPA taking this lying down; I’m sure that the ink on the appeal is drying as I write this and it’s unlikely that Indy is going to get out of paying something if they were to release Richardson.  One thing is for certain, it looks like the Trent Richardson project has come to an end in Indianapolis, and it’s going to be interesting to see how Grigson addresses the gaping hole the team has at running back (I really like ‘Boom’ Herron, but he’s not an every down back.)  Will Grigson sign a big name free agent like DeMarco Murray or will he turn to a deep RB draft class for an answer?  Either way, I just hope that the team can produce something to show those of us who see value in the way the organization has treated players are not being let down.

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